Urban Female Voice Over

Urban Female Voice Over

“There’s female voice over talent and then there’s real urban female voice over talent! Kimleigh brings both to life!”

Authentic urban voices for TV spots, radio, narration, and more are in high demand, and I’m here to make real urban female voice talent a reality!

Today more than ever, the urban voice and African American entertainers are more prevalent than ever before. A quality urban voice over can add a special flair to your written word with an attractive style that’s universally recogized and attention-grabbing.

Regardless of your urban voice over needs or the vibe you seek, I’m ready to deliver. From Sassy to Classy. Ghetto to Groovy. Courageous to Compassionate. Warm to Wild. Sophisticated to Bombastic. Need urban voice attitude with a smile? You got it.

Conversational? Friendly, Sultry, Sexy, Sensual, Loving, Soft, or Smoky-smooth with depth? No problem. Urban? Full of soul, fun, and flavorful energy with flair? Done! Even more attitude? Let’s do it!

Need to deliver a serious message? Something fun? Or maybe you want listeners to be on the edge of their seats. With a wide variety of black and urban voice over roles completed, I’m ready to be your girl…your woman…your voice.

My urban voice over talent includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, an animated and opinionated black woman who’s ready to talk to you straight to a loud, boisterous, urban female who’s super sassy and a ton of fun all the way to someone more silky, smooth, smoky, and soft.

From subtle urban voice over work to over-the-top Hip-Hop vibes, I can help bring the voice you need for your unique project, ad spots, narrations, animations, and presentations.

So if you’re looking for the right authentic urban female voice over talent to work with, let’s get started!

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