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life coaching


Thank you for subscribing to! My passion is helping people succeed through self-empowerment, and as a highly-trained Certified Life Coach and a living example of the transformation that’s possible, I’m here for you.

As promised, I’d like to offer you a FREE 30-minute personal coaching session relating to your self-empowerment. I coach to see the world change one person at a time, or shall I say, one real-life superhero at a time, and I look forward to connecting with you.

Together we’ll start the journey of creating a structure that supports you in maximizing your potential and fulfilling the commitment that you made to yourself to live the life of your dreams. Dream Big…See It…Believe and Trust that It Is Done! Let me show you how.

What is Embrace Your Cape Enterprises Self-Empowerment Coaching? 

  • Individualized and Personalized Coaching
  • One-On-One Coaching Sessions
  • We focus on Results for full Self Empowerment: Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results
  • Goal Setting and Campaigns
  • Written Exercises and Homework to Breakthrough Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs
  • Own Your Story Fully so that You Can Own Your Life Fully
  • Role Playing
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Action Check Ins
  • Daily Power Tools to Set You Up For Success
  • Contacts and Resources
  • And Much More

If you are ready to become the best possible you and be the superhero you are, then you are ready to Embrace Your Cape. Simply complete the form below and mention that you’re ready to schedule your free 30-minute personal coaching session. I’ll be in touch shortly and we’ll start the transformation together!

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