Kimleigh Smith has an amazing ability to excite, uplift, and embolden everyone she encounters with her humorous and fearless attitude. She draws from her true-life experience, shares openly and is without shame.

From being gang raped, to sexual assault awareness, to donating her kidney, to regaining her sexuality, to sex positivity, to becoming a thriver and her own superhero: Kimleigh lives as a whole healthy woman who cheers for life! Her mission and message speaks to global audiences. She is dedicated to transforming lives by inspiring others to unmask the superhero within, own their story, and live the life of their dreams.

“I truly believe that if everyone embraced their capes, the world would be a far better place. Imagine accepting who and what we are, and living to our full potential everyday. How powerful would that be? I speak to see the world change one person, one group…one superhero at a time.”
-Kimleigh Smith 

While there are so many speakers out there today, none are as engaging, fun, and compassionate as Kimleigh. Let Kimleigh create a unique experience for you!

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