The Summer Olympics 2016


I Freaking LOVE the Olympics. I am crying over here because I’m not in RIO, front and center watching every minute of it.  As Leslie Jones would say, “USA…we gonna take all da Gold medals” or something like that. LOL. For me it’s bigger than that. Not that a Gold medal is wrong. But, for me it’s about every single person there and what it took for them to get there. Whether they win the Gold medal or not. Just to get there is a huge accomplishment.

Now, I’m a go-getter, but being an Olympic athlete is like a whole other thing. It’s like crazy pants what one has to do to become an Olympic Athlete. What one has to sacrifice to become an Olympic athlete.  How hard one has to work to become an Olympic athlete.  What one has to overcome to become an Olympic athlete. I don’t even come close to working that hard, damn…and I work hard.

Some say Olympic athletes are born with it, but I don’t know…you can be born with a lot of things and still never achieve them. Not only do you have to be born with that special thing that could possibly make you an Olympic athlete, but that special thing would have to be nurtured and trained before you could actually become an Olympic athlete.

Honestly, on one side of the coin, there could have been an Olympic Gymnast inside of me but my boobs grew too big too fast and there was no way I was going to the Olympics with the size of my boobs. But the other side of that coin is, if I had trained really hard, if I had been nurtured, encouraged and really worked at it, maybe…just maybe…I could have been the first Olympic Gymnast with big boobs. LOL.

Seriously, all kidding aside. The Olympics always make me think about all the things I have achieved, but also all the things I haven’t or all the things I gave up on or let go of for lack of trying. Then I think what would my life be like if I never gave up on any of my dreams. What would my life be like if I trained like an Olympic athlete for a Gold medal…the Gold Medal of my life.

Then it hits me. What would my life be like if I had a Gold medal life. Not a physical Gold medal…though that would be AMAZEBALLS. But a figurative Gold medal. Like what I achieve is the Gold Medal. Failing and picking myself back up is the Gold medal. What I do is the Gold medal and living my life to the fullest is the Gold medal. Wow…that is powerful.

What would you have to do to have a Gold medal life? What would you have to sacrifice, how hard would you have to work and what would you have to overcome to be the Olympic athlete of your life? The Gold medalist of your life. Shoot even the Bronze or Silver medalist of your life.

I know I am probably somewhere around a Bronze medalist in my life. I mean I have kicked some major ass in my life. I have sacrificed a lot in my life, I have worked hard and created awesomeness in my life, I have overcome so many obstacles in my life and not only that, I have helped others overcome their obstacles just by overcoming mine. Wow! That being said, for me to become a Gold medal winner in my life…phew that tiny step I would have to take seems so freaking huge…but if I think about it hard, it really isn’t that huge…I would just have to take the step and keep on stepping and never stop stepping.

Most of us take that step and get scared and run back to where we are comfortable. Well, that’s what I do. I get so far and then I get comfortable and that is when I stop growing. I am doing great where I am but in order for me to get further and cross that finish line to the Gold medal I would have to be uncomfortable and I would have to do things differently. Wow…again…that is powerful.  We only grow when we are uncomfortable.

Right now I am so excited and so uncomfortable, watching the greatness of the Olympics. Watching the athletes take their medals and for those who don’t medal…watching their face fall but their hearts are all knowing that they never gave up and they gave it 100%. They are already powerful and ready to look at how to do things differently for next time. They are their own Superheroes.

So, am I willing to be powerful and as I always say, truly be my own Superhero and become an Olympic Gold medalist of my life. Are you willing to be powerful and be your own Superhero and become an Olympic Gold medalist of your life? Think about this long and hard and when you are ready to take the next step, take it and keep on stepping and never stop stepping. Just Do It!!! I am going to Just Do it!!!

I am going to leave you with the 10 Keys to becoming an Olympic Athlete. I am translating them for our Gold medal lives:

1. Mindset: Where is your mindset? What are you stuck on? How you can become an Olympic Gold medalist for your life or how you can’t become an Olympic Gold medalist for your life. Remember “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right”. Henry Fonda

What are you thinking? All I want you to be thinking is YES I CAN!!!

2. Set Goals: What are your goals? Do you have them written down? Do you see Gold medals or No medals?  Get clear on what you want in your life. Write them down. Visualize them and never give up on them. They may change as you do…but if you are connected to your goals they will morph into what you want them to be. If you aren’t connected to them, if you can’t see them then they will never be. If you see it, you will believe it and they will be. Again, make sure they are written down and placed somewhere you can see them every day. This way you will be inspired to reach them. Tell someone you trust so that you can keep yourself accountable to reach them.

3. Weight Training: What does your Gold medal life look like?  Are you training everyday to keep your tools sharp. If you are an actor are you working on your craft everyday or only when you have an audition? If you are an accountant are you working at your craft to be the best damn accountant out there? If not, it is going to be hard to win a Gold medal in your life if you treat your life like a hobby instead of being a professional.

4. Diet and Nutrition: What you put in your body shows up in everything you do. Now to get a Gold medal in your life, you have to fill yourself up with the stuff you know makes your body run awesomely and that is different for everyone. My bestest friend in the world can eat as much bread as humanly possible and not gain a pound. I look at bread and I blow up like a balloon. Find out what works best for you and fill your body with that. Michael Jordan said, “I eat just enough to fly”. If what you are eating is making you sink…change it up so you can fly.

5. Water: Water cleans us out and keeps us clear. Clarity is the number one thing to reaching any big goal. Without water you shrivel up and die and so do your dreams. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Just do it. Nike was not wrong with this slogan. Lots of reason to not Just do it, but most of those reason just mean you are being lazy. To get that Gold medal life…you have to break bad habits and create new good habits. Drinking water is a really good habit.

6. Rest: If you don’t rest you will not rejuvenate. If you don’t rejuvenate you won’t have the energy to grow. If you don’t grow you will stay exactly where you are. Get the rest you need and we all know instinctively how much rest we need to make our bodies and minds work excellently. So get that. The down time also gives you a chance to reflect on where you are and where you want o go. This is not just sleep. Resting your mind is a big to do.

7. Cardio: If you want a Gold medal life…then you have to be in the best shape of your life.  What is your Cardio. Are you healthy and taking good care of yourself. When you hit it big do you like what you see in the mirror? Are you excited to be out doing what you love to do? If not, get on it. Getting exercise helps you live longer and makes the quality of your life better. I am so working on this one myself. For reals. Stay tuned for the Septmember 1st blog and see how for reals I am.

8. Track Your Progress: With each goal you need to track your progress and celebrate the bronze medals and the silver medals along the way. Take each goal and break them down into what steps you need to take to get to the big GOLD/GOAL. Once you see the steps, each time you reach a step…CELEBRATE. Do a dance, sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs, buy a new pair of shoes, take yourself out for ice cream…do whatever makes you feel awesome. Then move on to the next step. When you hit that GOLD/GOAL…think about how you want to celebrate that big WIN!!!

9. Mixing Things Up: Don’t get stuck in a rut. If something isn’t working, try something new. If you are getting burnt out on what is working, try something new. This is your life…you get to create the Gold medal life of your dreams. If you are taking a class to help you sharpen your tools and it ends…find a new class to add on something new like a new language or an improv class instead of a straight acting class or join an accountant group to help you become a better accountant. Never give up and keep mixing things up.

10. Never Stop Learning: This ties into the mixing things up but takes it a step farther. NEVER STOP LEARNING. NEVER STOP GROWING. NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET TO COMFORTABLE. Now don’t get me wrong you should be happy with where you are. Ecstatic in fact. But getting too comfortable can kill you. Once you stop learning and growing you die. Don’t die before you have your Gold medal life. The time is now…seize it.

Alright, that is it for now. If you have any questions, go to my website: and send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am so in it to WIN IT! I am so PUMPED UP. I am so READY to RUMBLE. I am so EMBRACING MY CAPE! Omg I am ready to commit. Are you?